In, the Contexts feature is a powerful information organization solution designed to help you efficiently manage and access your notes. With Contexts, you can effortlessly connect related notes and create structured, dynamic collections of your ideas, research, and projects. This documentation will guide you through setting up, using, and customizing Contexts in to optimize your note-taking experience.

Contexts Basics

Contexts define a set of properties and views for any collection of notes whether it's in a folder, tag or a space depending on your form of organization. Folder contexts are great for focused folders like projects. Tag context are great for organizing the same type of notes across your notes such as media library. Space contexts are flexible for any research or organizing across different projects.

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Creating a Context
Context Properties
Context Views
Search, Filter and Sort

Customizing Contexts

The Context Builder simplifies the process of constructing and visualizing your contexts. This powerful feature provides an intuitive interface for creating new contexts or adding your existing metadata as a context.

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Context Builder

Contexts within Notes

You can also directly access your Contexts while in your notes through the Context Explorer or Inline Contexts. You can also embed a context to let you easily maintain dynamic, data-driven notes that stay up-to-date with your database.

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Context Explorer
Inline Contexts
Embedded Contexts