Organizing with Spaces

Spaces can be accessed in your Obsidian sidebar.

Accessing Spaces

  1. Turn on Spaces in the Settings
  2. In the left sidebar, open the Spaces tab

Adding a Space

  1. In the Spaces sidebar, find the Add Space button or open the main menu and click New Space
  2. Choose the type of Space to add
  3. Choose a name for your Space
    See Smart Spaces for details on new Smart Spaces

Adding a Note to a Space

  1. There are three ways to add a note to a space
    1. When you have a note open, open your Command Palette and select Add File to Space
    2. Open the menu for a file in Spaces (right-click or ... button) and click Add to Space
    3. Drag-n-drop a file/folder into a Space

Creating a Space from a Folder

  1. Right-click on a folder and press Create Folder Space
  2. Folder Spaces will sync with your folder