Getting Started lets you supercharge the way you capture, organize and connect your ideas in Obsidian.

🍱 Spaces

Never lose track of an idea again, using Spaces you can organize on any topic and keep it in focus while you work. Experience the power of automatic categorization with Smart Spaces, effortlessly organizing your notes into relevant topics.

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🧩 Contexts

Effortlessly transform your notes into structured databases, allowing you to create dynamic, customizable collections of your ideas, research, and projects. Whether you're tracking personal goals or managing complex data, Contexts offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to view and manipulate your notes in ways that cater to your unique organizational needs.

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🖊️ Flow

Discover the power of Flow, revolutionizing your editor experience with intuitive features designed to let your ideas flourish effortlessly.

Flow Blocks

Effortlessly view and edit connected ideas using Flow Blocks, providing seamless context integration for deeper understanding.

Flow Styler

Style your ideas with ease using the Flow Styler, making formatting a breeze.

Flow Menu

The Flow Menu enables the rapid creation of preformatted data blocks, streamlining organization and presentation of your ideas.

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🤩 Blink

Ideas can come any time even if you're not working on it. With Blink, you can quickly capture your ideas anywhere without ever leaving your current one, enhancing efficiency and focus.

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