Introduction to Spaces

Spaces - Organize Smarter

  • Spaces are an easy yet powerful way to organize your system so that it can tailor to your workflow.

Default Spaces

  • Default spaces help you quickly get started with Spaces.
  • The Home space is a quick way to organize your spaces.

Home Space

  • The home space is a clean slate you can adding spaces or pinning items in order to quickly navigate to what you want to focus on.

Tags Space

  • The tags space allows you to navigate all of your spaces and manage your spaces.

Vault Space

  • The vault space is a space that contains all of the items in your system where you can find items to pin into your other spaces.

Removing the Spaces Folder

  • Every space is customizable and you can turn off the default space if you don't need them.
  • The spaces folder will no longer be created.

Smart Search

  • Smart search lets you create a customized filter of your system to find or connect your ideas, the filter will automatically update as your files change.

Smart Search in a Space

  • You can add a smart search directly to a space, either create a new space or edit an existing space and click the Add Smart Search button.
  • The search results automatically refresh everytime something changes in your system so that it's always up to date.

Navigator Smart Search

  • You can also start a smart search by clicking the search icon in the navigator.
  • Smart searches can be added to a space which will automatically pin the items from the search directly into your space.

Types of Filters

  1. File Properties
    1. Folder
    2. Extension
    3. Path
    4. Sticker
    5. Alias
  2. File Metadata
    1. Frontmatter
    2. Tags
    3. Contexts
    4. Spaces