Space View

  • The Space View gives you full control of how you interact with all your Spaces.
  • You can add interactivity with buttons and links.
  • You can create custom layouts with groups and columns.
  • You can add custom styles with custom colors, fonts and sizes.
  • Connect context views, flow views from anywhere in your system.

Opening your Space View

  • Find the space you want in the navigator and directly open the space view

Customizing your Space View

  • The spaces view can be customized with frames.
  • Frames makes it easy to add/remove anything from your system as well as customize it exactly the way you want.


  • You can connect any notes from across your system in your Space View by embedding notes.

Adding a Note

  • Select New Note or Existing Note from the add menu to add/link an existing note to your Space View.

Customizations on Note View

  • You can apply styles to the entire note for example, text size, color or font.


  • You can add any context into your space view.
  • The context for the space is by default added to your space view and you can customize it however you want.

Customizations for Context View

  • Make your context seamless in your space view by hiding the filter bar or make it the full width of the page.


  • Dividers give you a quick visual way to separate different parts of your space view.


  • Add resizable images to your Space View to give your Space some view flair.

Adding an Image

  • Select Image from the add menu and then select which image you want to add


  • Layout the different frames in your spaces into columns.

Creating a Column

  • Drag and dropping into the right side of another frame will automatically create a new column.


  • Add buttons that lets you quickly perform actions right from your Space.

Adding a Button

  1. Select the button from the add view
  2. Give your button a label and an icon
  3. Select the type of action you want (Run Command or Open Link currently available)
  4. Select which command or link you want the button to run/goto