Navigating your Spaces

  • You can find the Navigator in the Navigator tab on the top left of the sidebar.
  • The navigator tree contains everything in that space including pinned items.
  • Spaces in the navigator can be expanded, opened in the Space View, and insert notes, spaces and pins inside of your space.
  • Notes can be opened in the Flow Editor


  • Waypoints is a quick way to open a space in the navigator.
  • You will have the home space, tags space and your vault space added by default.

Adding to Waypoints

  • Click the + button in waypoints and choose the space you want to add
  • Drag and drop a space from the navigator into the waypoints

Reordering Waypoints

  • Drag and drop your waypoints to reorder them

Opening Waypoint in Space View

  • Holding the command/control key, you can automatically open the waypoint to the space view.

Removing from Waypoints

  • Right click on any space and press unpin from space to remove it from waypoints

Managing your Spaces

Creating a New Space

Making a Space

  • You can make a space by creating one from scratch, editing an existing folder or turning a note into a space.
  1. In the Main Menu select Add Folder/Space button
  2. Choose a name for your Space
  3. Add pinned files or add a Smart Search

Editing an Existing Space

Reordering in a Space

  • You can reorder in any space by drag and dropping.
  • Your space must be sort by custom in order to drag and drop.

Pinning a Note/Space to a Space

  • Notes and spaces can be pinned to a space so you can quickly access them.
  • There are many ways to pin to a space.
    1. Directly clicking pin to space in the Space View / Flow Editor
    2. Right-clicking a note an clicking pin to a space
    3. Right-click on the space and click Add Pin
    4. Drag and drop a note/space into the space while holding shift